Daftar Standar Gratis APA IBR part 2

Daftar Standar Gratis APA IBR part 2 adalah kumpulan judul standar dari organisasi pengembangan standar untuk dibaca secara gratis, hasil kerjasama dengan ANSI IBR.

APA (Engineered Wood Association) memiliki fokus untuk membantu industri dalam membuat produk kayu struktural dengan kekuatan, keserbagunaan, dan keandalan.

Organisasi APA memberi kontribusi dalam menyediakan standar gratis melalui kerjasama dengan program ANSI IBR.

Definisi APA IBR

Artikel ini merupakan lanjutan dari artikel sebelumnya dari standarku.com mengenai Portal ANSI IBR yang menyediakan berbagai standar gratis pada link berikut :

ANSI IBR merupakan akronim dari : American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Incorporated by Reference (IBR).

Portal ANSI IBR adalah situs yang dibuat ANSI untuk menyediakan standar-standar gratis dari organisasi pengembangan standar untuk dibaca secara online.

ANSI (American National Standards Institute) adalah organisasi nirlaba swasta yang mengawasi pengembangan standar yang disetujui secara sukarela untuk produk, layanan, proses, sistem, dan personel di Amerika Serikat.

ANSI mengawasi pengembangan standar untuk produk, layanan, proses, sistem, dan personel di Amerika Serikat.

Organisasi ini juga melakukan koordinasi antara standar Amerika Serikat dengan standar internasional lain sehingga produk Amerika dapat digunakan di seluruh dunia.

Daftar Standar Gratis APA IBR

Daftar ini berisi judul standar-standar IBR dalam Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) yang dibuat oleh SDO atau Standards Hosted by SDO.

SDO adalah organisasi pengembangan standar atau pembuat standar-standar atau standards developing organizations (SDO).

Standar dari semua pengembang yang diwakili pada portal ANSI IBR, terdiri dari 2 bagian yaitu Standar IBR disediakan oleh ANSI dan yang disediakan oleh masing-masing SDO.

Artikel ini akan menampilkan daftar Standar IBR disediakan oleh salah satu SDO yakni NFPA.

Untuk SDO lain yakni ASHRAE, NFCA, NFRC dan NFRC dapat dibaca pada artikel lain karena daftar tersebut cukup panjang.

Berikut ini adalah standar Gratis APA IBR yang tersedia :

Daftar Standar Gratis APA IBR

APA telah mempromosikan solusi baru dan pembaruan proses yang bermanfaat bagi seluruh industri yang dihasilkan dengan cara menggabungkan :

  • upaya penelitian para ilmuwan di pusat penelitian seluas 42.000 kaki persegi APA
  • pengetahuan yang diperoleh dari praktek kerja lapangan selama beberapa dekade
  • kerja sama dengan produsen anggotanya

APA telah mengembangkan solusi mandiri untuk hosting versi hanya-baca atau read-only bagi standar APA IBR.

Platform IBR read-only milik APA tersebut dapat dibuka pada alamat web berikut :

Daftar Standar Gratis APA IBR Part 2

Dikarenakan banyaknya daftar standar dari APA IBR ini, maka artikel daftar standar ini dibagi menjadi 8 part.

Berikut ini adalah daftar standar-standar APA Part 2 yang tersedia :

  • Case Study: Las Vegas Elementary School F120 : The Lamb of God Lutheran Elementary School and Administration Building in Las Vegas, described in this case study, features fully sheathed walls. Issued June 2005.
  • Case Study: Lee Industries D110 :  This North Carolina furniture manufacturer has converted 65 percent of its frame production to engineered wood, gaining frame strength and faster assembly times. Issued December 2003
  • Case Study: LeMay — America’s Car Museum  N115 :  Curved glulam beams and fully sanded plywood sheathing form the roof system of this 165,000 sq. ft. facility created to celebrate America’s love affair with the automobile. Available as a downloadable PDF only. Issued July 2012.
  • Case Study: Lone Survivor House R115 :  The Lone Survivor House, a retreat for combat veterans in Crystal Beach, Texas, has a truly unique design: a collection of buildings (including a pentagon-shaped building) on piers, connected via an elevated boardwalk. The design presented many framing challenges, which were met through the capabilities of glulam beams. Revised September 2015.
  • Case Study: Luxury Boulder Residence R135 :  Luxury 5,200-square-foot view home was framed with glulam to achieve an open interior layout. The high-end home is ultra-efficient to meet Boulder’s stringent energy standards, too. Issued September 2015.
  • Case Study: Mass Timber Has Banks Seeing Green V135 :  First United Bank of Texas and Oklahoma wanted their new branch buildings to align with their sustainability initiative. Architects at Gensler responded with innovative mass timber design. Issued July 2019.
  • Case Study: Murray House L110 :  This case study features the construction of owner/builder Scott Murray’s raised wood floor home in St. Augustine, Florida. Murray says a raised wood floor helps to protect his home from moisture and pests, and offers better access for foundation inspections, underfloor repairs and retrofits. Issued February 2011.
  • Case Study: National Heritage Academy A110 :  Through the use of post frame construction, an educational organization’s challenging design criteria are met. Issued May 2000.
  • Case Study: Office of Rogers Krajnak Architects H110 :  A car repair shop is transformed into a modern office. Issued March 2007.
  • Case Study: One North Office Buildings S120 :  Wood Stands Tall in the Center of it All—Portland’s One North Development Connects Vision with Community. Multi-story timber-framed office complex is highly efficient, sustainably built, and community-minded, with its large interior courtyard for the neighborhood to enjoy. Issued July 2016.
  • Case Study: Palmer Events Center C120 :  Glulam trusses and laminated decking are key components in a dramatic wood roof canopy that covers a community events center in Austin, Texas. Issued May 2003.
  • Case Study: Placer River Trail Bridge Q110 :  With its graceful glulam beams and elegant symmetry, the Whistle Stop pedestrian bridge, the longest clear-span glulam timber truss bridge in North America, fits well within the picturesque setting of a remote Alaskan forest. Issued March 2014.
  • Case Study: Reveley Classroom Facility Q115 :  The Reveley Nursery Facility at the University of Idaho showcases the beauty and versatility of Idaho’s natural wood resources. Issued October 2014.
  • Case Study: Santa Barbara Apartments S125 :  Value engineering and a switch to glulam and wood-framed shear walls put this stalled Rialto, California, apartment project back on track. Force transfer around openings (FTAO) method of shear wall analysis was used. Issued June 2016.
  • Case Study: Santa Maria Water Reservoir Cover C115 :  A glulam wood roof structure covers a 57,600-square-foot water reservoir. Issued November 2002.
  • Case Study: Snowmass Transit Center H115 :  Exposed glulam beams criss-cross the ceiling of this lodge-like transit center in Snowmass, Colorado. The glulam and other engineered wood products were used for their strength, ease of use and cost effectiveness. Issued March 2007.
  • Case Study: The Village at Germantown G110 :  Describes how wood was used to deliver an affordable design for senior living. Issued August 2006
  • Case Study: Three Village Green, The Pinehills G150 :  Old world New England charm is heightened by new world engineered wood products. Issued May 2006.
  • Case Study: UTA University Residence Halls J125 :  A 40 under 40 award project, highlights the use of engineered wood products that provide the strength and structural support needed for the construction of two sister residence hall buildings at The University of Texas at Arlington (UTA). Issued March 2008.
  • Case Study: West Adams Preparatory  J115 :  Highlights a 40 under 40 award project that uses engineered wood as both finish and framing material. The walls and ceiling in its 5,000-square-foot library and 1,200-seat auditorium are finished, floor-to-ceiling, in fire-retardant-treated (FRT) construction grade plywood. Issued March 2008.
  • Case Study: Westin Verasa Resort  J120 :  A 40 under 40 award project that highlights a three-story combination hotel and residential structure that sits atop a one-story concrete underground parkade. Designed to reflect and embrace the natural and architectural influences of the Napa region, the hotel features timbered elements and accents of stone, concrete and wood, highlighting the exterior structure. Issued March 2008.
  • Case Study: Wieden & Kennedy Corporate Headquarters A120 :  Wieden & Kennedy corporate headquarters renovates old warehouse with glulam beams and plywood in Portland, Oregon’s Pearl District. Issued January 2001.
  • Case Study: Winfield Gate Q120 :  Upscale development of 4,000- to 6,000-square foot, four-story townhomes in Houston’s poshest neighborhood use wood structural frames to meet design goals. Issued September 2014.
  • Case Study: YMCA Family Fitness Center G165 :  Engineered Wood Products Withstand Harsh Environments. Issued May 2006.
  • Common Misconceptions About Glulam Beams Q710 :  Glulam is renowned for its role in dramatic, exposed applications, but its excellence for hidden structural framing applications is sometimes overlooked. Revised March 2015.
  • Containers and Bins X235 :  Design and specification recommendations for APA’s Big Bin and Slim Bin and several proprietary containers. Issued May 1997.
  • Cross-Laminated Timber—North American CLT vs. Imported Product S500 :  Cross-laminated timber (CLT) manufactured in North America must meet stringent product standards and be certified to the ANSI/APA PRG 320 Standard for Performance-Rated Cross-Laminated Timber. CLT manufactured outside of North America may not meet these performance expectations. Revised February 2020.
  • Data File: 303 Siding Manufacturing Specifications B840 :  The provisions of this specification represent minimum requirements that plywood panels must meet to qualify for classification as APA 303 Series Specialty Siding. Revised April 2019.
  • Data File: APA Performance-Rated Rim Board—Canadian Limit States Design D340 CA :  Includes connection requirements and application notes for APA Performance Rated Rim Boards for Canadian Limit States Design. Revised January 2019.
  • Data File: APA Rim Board in Fire Rated Assemblies D350 :  Recommendations for the use of APA Rim Board in conjunction with fire-rated wall and/or floor assemblies, based on tests conducted by the USDA Forest Service at the Forest Products Laboratory in Madison, Wisconsin. (Reference Research Paper FPL-RP-610.) Revised May 2019.
  • Data File: Construction Practices for Wood I-Joist Floor Vibration Retrofit D720 :  Identifying the causes of and remedies for excessive floor vibration. Available only as a downloadable pdf file. Issued August 2004.
  • Data File: Design of Structural Glued Laminated Timber Columns Y240 :  Provides information on member sizes and layup, design stresses, column design equations, and design tables and examples. Revised August 2009.
  • Data File: Lateral Load Connections for Low-Slope Roof Diaphragms Z350 :  Describes techniques and products for code-required connections in wood roof systems in high wind and seismic zones. Revised February 2004.
  • Data File: Nailed Structural-Use Panel and Lumber Beams Z416 :  Load-span tables and fabrication information. Available only as a downloadable PDF. Revised February 2009.
  • Data File: Preservative-Treated Plywood Q220 :  Specifications, uses and advantages, acceptances, technical data, finishing recommendations and identification. Updated July 2013. Only available as a able PDF.
  • Data File: Retrofitting a Roof for High Wind Uplift A410 :  Illustrates the effects of high winds on a roof, and provides solutions for increasing resistance to wind damage. Revised August 2007.
  • Data File: Roof Sheathing Fastening Schedules for Wind Uplift T325 :  Provides nailing schedules for wood structural panel roof sheathing for high wind areas. Revised March 2006.
  • Data File: Selection, Installation and Preparation of Plywood Underlayment L335 :  This APA Data File provides recommendations for the installation and preparation of underlayment under finish flooring in residential and light commercial applications. Recommendations are also provided for the selection of APA plywood Underlayment, a plywood panel grade in accordance with Voluntary Product Standard PS 1, Structural Plywood. Revised June 2012.
  • Data File: Shear Transfer at Engineered Wood Floors Y250 :  Diaphragm perimeter nailing and transfer of shear wall forces from the walls above in to the foundation/wall framing below. Revised May 2015.
  • Data File: Substitution of Glulam Beams for Steel or Solid-Sawn Lumber S570 :  Substitution tables for sawn lumber or steel beams provide information on how to select equivalent glulam beams for preliminary designs. Revised October 2013.
  • Design Concepts for Building in High Wind and Seismic Zones W650 :  Describes how lateral loads act on wood framing systems, and how construction detailing and fasteners affect the ultimate performance of a structure in high wind and seismic zones. This publication is available in PDF format only. Issued January 1997.
  • Design Concepts: Glulam in Railroad Construction Y255 :  Discussion of glulam characteristics that make it an ideal product for railroad bridge components. Issued January 1999.
  • Design/Construction Guide: Concrete Forming V345 :  Contains grade information, form maintenance recommendations, design data and several project case studies. Includes Performance Category 11/16 design recommendations and design values for southern yellow pine. Revised May 2012.
  • Diaphragms and Shear Walls L350 :  Design and construction recommendations for engineered diaphragm systems in floor, shear wall, and roof systems. Revised October 2007.
  • Engineered Wood Floor Systems—Canada R300 :  Provides specification recommendations for plywood and OSB floor systems, the APA Glued Floor System, and installation recommendations for panel subflooring and underlayment. Issued December 2016.
  • Engineered Wood Handbook & Grade Glossary X505 :  Engineered wood products and common construction terminology explained in easy-to-understand language. Replaces the Panel Handbook and Grade Glossary. Available only as a downloadable PDF file. Revised June 2012.
  • Engineered Wood In School Design: The Smart Choice B210 :  Through several case studies, this publication illustrates the advantages of using engineered wood in school design and renovation. Issued February 2002.
  • Engineered Wood Pallets – A Solid Value B695 :  Describes the benefits and design flexibility of engineered wood pallets. Issued December 2001.
  • ESR-1040: Boise Cascade Wood Products, LLC  :  Versa-Lam® Laminated Veneer Lumber. Revised November 2020.
  • ESR-1053: Norbord Inc. :  Structural Composite Lumber: 1.7e, 1.55e, 1.35e Durastrand® Laminated Strand Lumber (LSL), and 1.5e, 1.3e, 0.8e Durastrand® Oriented Strand Lumber (OSL). Revised July 2021.
  • ESR-1144: Boise Cascade Wood Products, LLC  :  AJS Series Prefabricated Wood I-joists. Revised April 2021.
  • ESR-1210: Roseburg Forest Products Co. :  RIGIDLAM® LAMINATED VENEER LUMBER (LVL) and RIGIDRIM® LVL RIMBOARD. Revised December 2020.
  • ESR-1225: Pacific Woodtech Corporation  :  PWI Joists. Revised May 2021.
  • ESR-1251: Roseburg Forest Products Co. :  RFPI® Prefabricated Wood I-Joists. Revised July 2020.
  • ESR-1262 – EACOM Timber Corporation  :  P3 JOIST PJI-40, PJI-60, PJI-65, PJI-80 and PJI-90 I-Joists. Revised July 2021.
  • ESR-1301: Louisiana-Pacific Corporation  :  LP Smartside® Strand Substrate Lap Siding and LP Smartside® Strand Substrate Panel Siding. Revised July 2021.
  • ESR-1305ESR-1305: Louisiana-Pacific Corporation :  LP® SolidStart® I-Joists. Revised May 2021.
  • ESR-1336:  Boise Cascade Wood Products, LLC  :  BCI Prefabricated Wood I-Joists. Revised July 2021.
  • ESR-1405: APA – The Engineered Wood Association  :  Performance Rated I-Joists. Revised July 2021.
  • ESR-1742: Nordic Structures  :  NORDIC JOIST PREFABRICATED I-JOISTS. Revised July 2021.
  • ESR-1940: APA – The Engineered Wood Association  :  Glued-Laminated Timber Combinations and the GAP Computer Program. Revised January 2020.
  • ESR-2403: Louisiana-Pacific Corporation  :  LP® SolidStart® Laminated Strand Lumber (LSL), LP® SolidGuard® Laminated Strand Lumber (LSL) and LP® SolidStart® Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL). Revised May 2021.
  • ESR-2586: APA – The Engineered Wood Association  :  Performance Standards and Qualification Policy for Wood Structural Panels and Performance Standard for 303 Siding. Revised July 2021.
  • ESR-2909: Pacific Woodtech Corporation  :  Pacific Woodtech® Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL), Pacific Woodtech® Treated LVL and Pacific Woodtech® Rim Boards. Revised September 2021.
  • ESR-2913: Murphy Engineered Wood Division  :  Murphy Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL). Revised July 2021.
  • ESR-2919: Stark Truss Company, Inc. :  STARK TRUSS SI-40, SI-60 AND SI-80 SERIES PREFABRICATED WOOD I-JOISTS. Revised July 2020.
  • ESR-3631 ESR-3631: Structurlam Mass Timber Corporation :  Structurlam Crosslam® CLT. Revised September 2020.
  • ESR-4733: SmartLam, LLC  :  SmartLam Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT). Issued December 2020.
  • ESR-4759: Freres Lumber Co., Inc  :  Freres Single Ply Structural Composite Lumber. Issued July 2021.
  • ESR-4874: Nordic Structures  :  Nordic Lam. Issued September 2021.
  • ESR-4875: Nordic Structures  :  NORDIC X-LAM CLT. Issued September 2021.
  • FAQs: Questions About Structural Plywood and OSB Performance F505 :  Answers questions about panel performance, grade, growth and natural characteristics. Former title: Customer Service Tip: Responding to Wood Structural Panel Complaints. Revised January 2020.
  • FAQs: Questions About Wood Structural Panel Exposure to Excessive Moisture X501 :  This document provides guidance about the serviceability of wood structural panels (plywood and oriented strand board [OSB]) after exposure to high levels of moisture. Former title: Customer Service Tip: Assessing Water Damage After a Flood. Revised May 2021.
  • Fire Protective Options for I-Joist Floor Systems R425 :  This brochure describes several options that satisfy fire-protective membrane requirements of the 2012, 2015 and 2018 International Residential Code (IRC) related to I-joist floor systems, including construction details. Revised April 2019.
  • Fire-Rated Systems W305 :  Guide to wood panel systems that meet code and insurance recommendations. Revised June 2005.
  • FRP Plywood G215 :  Fiberglass-reinforced-plastic plywood applications, advantages, fabrication and specifications. Available only as a downloadable PDF file. Updated June 2007.
  • P430 Gabled Garden Shed Plan :  This 8 x 10 foot shed includes a large window and work bench, ideal for potting plants. Revised May 2007.
  • Garden Storage Shed Plan M600 :  Store all your yard tools in this 8 x 12 foot shed featuring a Plexiglas skylight, wide barn door and storage bins. Includes complete instructions and materials list. Revised May 2007.
  • Glued Laminated Beam Design Tables S475 :  Glued laminated beam design tables provide recommended preliminary design loads for two of the most common glulam beam applications: roofs and floors. The tables include values for section properties and capacities and allowable loads for simple span and cantilevered beams. Revised March 2020.
  • Glued Laminated Wood Utility Poles J420 :  Highlights the use of glulam for wood utility poles and presents the favorable factors of durability, stablity and competitive pricing through various case studies. Issued August 2008.
  • Glulam and the New Home Q720 :  Glulam’s versatility as a structural framing member in residential construction. Revised March 2015.
  • Glulam Beams Offer Simple Solution for Garage Door Headers Q725 :  Glulam beams span long distances; their dimensional stability and cost-competitve value make them an ideal option for garage door headers in residential framing. Issued October 2014.
  • Glulam Connection Details T300 :  Proper connection details are important to the structural performance and serviceability of timber-framed structures.This illustrated guide shows correct connections as well as common connection errors involving glued laminated timbers. Revised July 2016.
  • Glulam Design Specification Y117 :  Form EWS Y117 has been discontinued. Refer to ANSI 117, Standard Specification for Structural Glued Laminated Timber of Softwood Species, and ICC-ES ESR-1940.
  • Glulam Floor Beams C415 :  Contains span tables for glulam floor beams in residential construction, tables for substituting glulam for steel beams, and design details. Revised December 2006.
  • Glulam in Golf Resort Construction G225 :  Demonstrates the widespread use of glulam in golf resorts and showcases nine projects around the world. Issued June 2006.
  • X450Glulam in Residential Building :  Details the capabilities and characteristics of glued laminated timber (glulam) and its uses in residential construction. Includes a specification guide. Issued July 2018.
  • Glulam in Sacred Spaces D220 :  Describes how glulam is used in a variety of church and synagogue designs. Issued November 2003.
  • Glulam in Transportation Structures F225 :  Features a variety of transportation structures that use glued laminated timbers as key structural elements. Featured projects in the U.S. and Canada include light rail stations, airport terminals and transit stations. Issued May 2005.
  • Glulam Layup Combinations Y117-SUP :  Form EWS Y117-SUP has been discontinued. Refer to ANSI 117, Standard Specification for Structural Glued Laminated Timber of Softwood Species, and ICC-ES ESR-1940.
  • GR-L233: Pacific Woodtech Corporation  :  Pacific Woodtech Laminated Veneer Lumber. Revised December 5, 2020.
  • GR-L251: Rosboro Structural Glued Laminated Timber  :  Rosboro Structural Glued Laminated Timber, Issued January 16, 2021.

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