Daftar Standar ASTM E3000-E3999

Daftar Standar ASTM E3000-E3999 adalah kumpulan judul dokumen standar seri E3000 hingga E3999 yang diterbitkan oleh organisasi ASTM (American Standard Testing and Material).

ASTM atau American Standard Testing and Material adalah sebuah organisasi dunia yang mengembangkan standardisasi teknik untuk material, produk, sistem dan jasa.

Organisasi standardisasi internasional yang bersifat sukarela ini berpusat di kota Pennsylvania, Amerika Serikat.

Lebih jelas mengenai ASTM Internasional dapat dibaca pada artikel lain dari standarku.com berikut :

Artikel ini merupakan lanjutan dari artikel sebelumnya sebagaimana link diatas, dengan fokus ke pengetahuan mengenai standar apa saja yang sudah dibuat oleh ASTM.

Daftar standar ASTM Internasional terdiri dari seri A, B, C, … dan seterusnya hingga seri G.

Dikarenakan sangat banyak jumlah standar tersebut maka artikel menjadi terlalu panjang, oleh karena itu standarku.com memecah menjadi beberapa artikel.

Format penulisan Standar ASTM Internasional

Tata cara penulisan standar ini biasanya diawali dengan huruf dan diikuti dengan nomor, yang ditetapkan secara berurutan.

Ada pilihan (opsional) untuk diikuti oleh tanda hubung dan dua digit terakhir yang berarti tahun di mana standar tersebut diadopsi.

Kode huruf awalan yang ditulis memiliki arti bahwa standar tersebut sesuai dengan subjek sebagaimana berikut :

  • A = Iron and Steel Materials (Bahan baku Besi dan Baja)
  • B = Nonferrous Metal Materials (Bahan baku Logam Nonferrous)
  • C = Ceramic, Concrete, and Masonry Materials (Bahan Keramik, Beton, dan Batu)
  • D = Miscellaneous Materials (Bahan Lain-lain)
  • E = Miscellaneous Subjects (Subyek Lain-Lain)
  • F = Materials for Specific Applications (Bahan baku untuk Aplikasi yang khusus)
  • G = Corrosion, Deterioration, and Degradation of Materials (Korosi, Deteriorasi, dan Degradasi dari bahan baku)

Kategori Standar ASTM E3000-E3999

Untuk memudahkan, terdapat pemisahan kategori standar berdasarkan urutan kode ASTM E3000-E3999 sebagaimana berikut :

  • E3000-3099
  • E3100-3199
  • E3200-3266

Daftar Standar ASTM E3000-E3999

Berikut adalah Daftar standar ASTM Internasional untuk seri E3000-E3999.

Sedangkan untuk seri F dan seterusnya hingga seri G, tersedia di artikel selanjutnya dari standarku.com karena terlalu panjang jika digabung dalam satu artikel.

Standar ASTM E3000-E3099

  • E3000 – 18 Guide for Measuring and Tracking Performance of Assessors on a Descriptive Sensory Panel
  • E3001 – 20 Practice for Workforce Education in Nanotechnology Characterization
  • E3002 – 15 Practice for Assessing the Comparative Efficacy of Products Used for the Decontamination of Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs) on Skin
  • E3003 – 20 Practice for Body Armor Wearer Measurement and Fitting of Armor
  • E3004 – 20a Specification for Preparation and Verification of Clay Blocks Used in Ballistic-Resistance Testing of Torso Body Armor
  • E3005 – 20 Terminology for Body Armor
  • E3006 – 20 Practice for Ultraviolet Conditioning of Photovoltaic Modules or Mini-Modules Using a Fluorescent Ultraviolet (UV) Lamp Apparatus
  • E3007 – 15 Practice for Kinetic Values Used to Evaluate the Study of Decomposition Reactions by Thermogravimetry
  • E3008/E3008M – 16e1 Classification for Transportation Surface Elements—UNIFORMAT II
  • E3009 – 15e1 Test Method for Sensory Analysis—Tetrad Test
  • E3010 – 15(2019) Practice for Installation, Commissioning, Operation, and Maintenance Process (ICOMP) of Photovoltaic Arrays
  • E3011 – 15 Test Method for In vitro production of Clostridium Difficile Spores
  • E3012 – 20 Guide for Characterizing Environmental Aspects of Manufacturing Processes
  • E3013/E3013M – 17 Test Method for Evaluating Concrete Pavement Dowel Bar Alignment Using Magnetic Pulse Induction
  • E3014 – 15 Practice for Managing Sustainability in Dentistry
  • E3015 – 15(2020) Guide for Management of Customer-Owned Property Assets in Possession of Supplier, Contractor or Subcontractor
  • E3016 – 18 Guide for Establishing Confidence in Digital and Multimedia Evidence Forensic Results by Error Mitigation Analysis
  • E3017 – 19 Practice for Examining Magnetic Card Readers
  • E3020 – 16a Practice for Ignition Sources
  • E3021/E3021M – 15(2019) Guide for Evaluating the Relative Effectiveness of Building Systems to Resist the Passage of Products of Combustion Based on the Aggregation of Leakage Rates
  • E3022 – 18 Practice for Measurement of Emission Characteristics and Requirements for LED UV-A Lamps Used in Fluorescent Penetrant and Magnetic Particle Testing
  • E3023 – 15 Practice for Probability of Detection Analysis for â Versus a Data
  • E3024/E3024M – 19 Practice for Magnetic Particle Testing for General Industry
  • E3025 – 16 Guide for Tiered Approach to Detection and Characterization of Silver Nanomaterials in Textiles
  • E3026 – 15 Guide for Readily Observable Moisture Affected Materials and Conditions Conducive to Elevated Moisture in Commercial Buildings: Visual Moisture Assessment Process
  • E3027 – 18a Guide for Making Sustainability-Related Chemical Selection Decisions in the Life-Cycle of Products
  • E3028 – 16e1 Practice for Computing Wheelchair Pathway Roughness Index as Related to Comfort, Passability, and Whole Body Vibrations from Longitudinal Profile Measurements
  • E3029 – 15 Practice for Determining Relative Spectral Correction Factors for Emission Signal of Fluorescence Spectrometers
  • E3030 – 19 Digital Reference Images for Heavy-Walled (2 to 412 in. (50.8 to 114 mm)) Steel Castings
  • E3031 – 20 Practice for Determination of Antibacterial Activity on Ceramic Surfaces
  • E3032 – 15e1 Guide for Climate Resiliency Planning and Strategy
  • E3033 – 16 Guide for Beneficial Use of Landfills and Chemically Impacted Sites
  • E3034 – 20 Guide for Workforce Education in Nanotechnology Pattern Generation
  • E3035 – 15(2020) Classification for Facility Asset Component Tracking System (FACTS)
  • E3036 – 15 Guide for Notating Facade Conditions in the Field
  • E3037 – 20 Test Method for Measuring Relative Movement Capabilities of Through-Penetration Firestop Systems
  • E3038 – 20 Practice for Assessing and Qualifying Candidates as Inspectors of Firestop Systems and Fire-Resistive Joint Systems
  • E3039 – 20 Test Method for Determination of Crack-Tip-Opening Angle of Ferritic Steels Using DWTT-Type Specimens
  • E3040 – 18 Practice for Evaluation of Instrumental Color Difference with a Gray Scale
  • E3041 – 17 Guide for Selecting and Using Scales for Sensory Evaluation
  • E3042 – 16 Practice for Process Step to Inactivate Rodent Retrovirus with Triton X-100 Treatment
  • E3044/E3044M – 16e1 Practice for Ultrasonic Testing of Polyethylene Butt Fusion Joints
  • E3045 – 16 Practice for Crack Detection Using Vibroacoustic Thermography
  • E3046 – 15 Guide for Core Competencies for Mobile Phone Forensics
  • E3047 – 16 Test Method for Analysis of Nickel Alloys by Spark Atomic Emission Spectrometry
  • E3047-RU-RU – 16 Стандартный метод испытаний для анализа никелевых сплавов с помощью атомно-эмиссионной спектрометрии с искровым источником
  • E3048 – 19a Test Method for Determination of Time to Burn-Through Using the Intermediate Scale Calorimeter (ICAL) Radiant Panel
  • E3050 – 16 Specification for Denatured Ethanol for Use as Cooking and Appliance Fuel
  • E3051 – 16 Guide for Specification, Design, Verification, and Application of Single-Use Systems in Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • E3052 – 16 Practice for Examination of Carbon Steel Welds Using Eddy Current Array
  • E3053 – 18e1 Test Method for Determining Particulate Matter Emissions from Wood Heaters Using Cordwood Test Fuel
  • E3054/E3054M – 16 Guide for Characterization and Use of Hygrothermal Models for Moisture Control Design in Building Envelopes
  • E3056 – 16 Guide for Strategic Warehousing
  • E3057 – 19 Test Method for Measuring Heat Flux Using Directional Flame Thermometers with Advanced Data Analysis Techniques
  • E3058 – 16 Test Method for Determining the Residual Kill Activity of Hand Antiseptic Formulations
  • E3059 – 16 Guide for Workforce Education in Nanotechnology Infrastructure
  • E3060 – 16 Guide for Subvisible Particle Measurement in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Using Dynamic (Flow) Imaging Microscopy
  • E3061 – 17 Test Method for Analysis of Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys by Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometry (Performance Based Method)
  • E3062/E3062M – 20 Specification for Indoor Ballistic Test Ranges for Small Arms and Fragmentation Testing of Ballistic-resistant Items
  • E3063 – 17 Test Method for Antimony Content Using Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA)
  • E3064 – 16 Test Method for Evaluating the Performance of Optical Tracking Systems that Measure Six Degrees of Freedom (6DOF) Pose
  • E3066 – 20 Practice for Evaluating Relative Sustainability Involving Energy or Chemicals from Biomass
  • E3068 – 20 Test Method for Contact Measurement of Backface Deformation in Clay Backing During Body Armor Testing
  • E3069 – 19a Guide for Evaluation and Rehabilitation of Mass Masonry Walls for Changes to Thermal and Moisture Properties of the Wall
  • E3070 – 18 Test Method for Shear Thinning Index of Non-Newtonian Liquids Using a Rotational Viscometer
  • E3071 – 16 Guide for Nanotechnology Workforce Education in Materials Synthesis and Processing
  • E3072 – 19 Terminology for Industrial Biotechnology
  • E3073 – 17 Guide for Development of Waste Management Plan for Construction, Deconstruction, or Demolition Projects
  • E3074/E3074M – 20 Practice for Clearance Examinations Following Lead Hazard Reduction Activities in Single Family Dwellings, in Individual Units of Multifamily Dwellings, and in Other Child-Occupied Facilities
  • E3075 – 18 Test Method for Water Immersion and Drying for Evaluation of Flood Damage Resistance
  • E3076 – 18 Practice for Determination of the Slope in the Linear Region of a Test Record
  • E3077 – 17e2 Guide for Raw Material eData Transfer from Material Suppliers to Pharmaceutical & Biopharmaceutical Manufacturers
  • E3078/E3078M – 20 Practice for Conditioning of Hard Armor Test Items
  • E3080 – 19 Practice for Regression Analysis with a Single Predictor Variable
  • E3081 – 16 Practice for Outlier Screening Using Process Compensated Resonance Testing via Swept Sine Input for Metallic and Non-Metallic Parts
  • E3082 – 20 Test Methods for Determining the Effectiveness of Fire Retardant Treatments for Natural Christmas Trees
  • E3083 – 17 Terminology Relating to Radiation Processing: Dosimetry and Applications
  • E3084 – 17 Practice for Characterizing Particle Irradiations of Materials in Terms of Non-Ionizing Energy Loss (NIEL)
  • E3085 – 17 Guide for Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy in Forensic Tape Examinations
  • E3086 – 20 Practice for Creating Appliques for Use in Testing of Nonplanar Soft Body Armor Designed for Females
  • E3087 – 18 Test Method for Measuring Capture Efficiency of Domestic Range Hoods
  • E3089 – 17 Guide for Nanotechnology Workforce Education in Material Properties and Effects of Size
  • E3090/E3090M – 20 Test Methods for Strength Properties of Metal Ceiling Suspension Systems
  • E3091 – 17 Specification for Systems to Measure Sound Levels
  • E3092 – 18 Practice for Evaluating Efficacy of Vaporous Decontaminants on Materials Contaminated with Bacillus Spores and Contained Within 0.2 µm Filter-Capped Tubes
  • E3093 – 20 Guide for Structured Small Group Product Evaluations
  • E3095 – 17 Guide for Surrogate Materials for Field Evaluation of Nucleic Acid-Based On-Site Biological Assessment Technologies
  • E3096 – 18 Guide for Definition, Selection, and Organization of Key Performance Indicators for Environmental Aspects of Manufacturing Processes
  • E3097 – 17 Test Method for Mechanical Uniaxial Constant Force Thermal Cycling of Shape Memory Alloys
  • E3098 – 17 Test Method for Mechanical Uniaxial Pre-strain and Thermal Free Recovery of Shape Memory Alloys

Standar ASTM E3100-E3199

  • E3100 – 17 Guide for Acoustic Emission Examination of Concrete Structures
  • E3101 – 18 Practice for Microwave Examination of Polyethylene Butt Fusion Joints
  • E3102 – 18 Practice for Microwave Examination of Polyethylene Electrofusion Joints Used in Piping Application
  • E3104 – 17 Specification for Strippable & Removable Coatings to Mitigate Spread of Radioactive Contamination
  • E3105 – 17 Specification for Permanent Coatings Used to Mitigate Spread of Radioactive Contamination
  • E3106 – 18e1 Guide for Science-Based and Risk-Based Cleaning Process Development and Validation
  • E3107/E3107M – 20 Test Method for Resistance to Penetration and Backface Deformation for Ballistic-resistant Torso Body Armor and Shoot Packs
  • E3108 – 18 Practice for Conformity Assessment of Protective Gloves Worn by Law Enforcement and Corrections Officers
  • E3109 – 18 Specification for Protective Gloves Worn by Law Enforcement and Corrections Officers
  • E3110/E3110M – 20 Test Method for Collection of Ballistic Limit Data for Ballistic-resistant Torso Body Armor and Shoot Packs
  • E3111/E3111M – 18 Test Method for Ballistic Resistant Head Protection
  • E3112/E3112M – 20 Test Method for Ballistic-resistant Products and Shoot Packs
  • E3113 – 18 Specification for Ballistic-resistant Vehicle Door Panels Used by Public Safety Agencies
  • E3115 – 17 Guide for Capturing Facial Images for Use with Facial Recognition Systems
  • E3116 – 18 Test Method for Viscosity Measurement Validation of Rotational Viscometers
  • E3118/E3118M – 20 Test Methods to Evaluate Seismic Performance of Suspended Ceiling Systems by Full-Scale Dynamic Testing
  • E3119 – 19 Test Method for Accelerated Aging of Environmentally Controlled Dynamic Glazing
  • E3120 – 19 Specification for Evaluating Accelerated Aging Performance of Environmentally Controlled Dynamic Glazings
  • E3121/E3121M – 17 Test Methods for Field Testing of Anchors in Concrete or Masonry
  • E3123 – 18 Guide for Recognition and Derecognition of Environmental Liabilities
  • E3124 – 17 Test Method for Measuring System Latency Performance of Optical Tracking Systems that Measure Six Degrees of Freedom (6DOF) Pose
  • E3125 – 17 Test Method for Evaluating the Point-to-Point Distance Measurement Performance of Spherical Coordinate 3D Imaging Systems in the Medium Range
  • E3130 – 18 Guide for Developing Cost-Effective Community Resilience Strategies
  • E3131 – 17 Specification for Nucleic Acid-Based Systems for Bacterial Pathogen Screening of Suspicious Visible Powders
  • E3132/E3132M – 17 Practice for Evaluating Response Robot Logistics: System Configuration
  • E3133 – 18e1 Test Method for Laboratory Measurement of Floor Impact Sound Radiation Using the Tapping Machine
  • E3134 – 20 Specification for Transportation Tunnel Structural Components and Passive Fire Protection Systems
  • E3135 – 18 Practice for Determining Antimicrobial Efficacy of Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation Against Microorganisms on Carriers with Simulated Soil
  • E3136 – 18 Guide for Climate Resiliency in Water Resources
  • E3137/E3137M – 18 Specification for Heat Meter Instrumentation
  • E3140 – 19 Guide for Asset Management Career Development, Education, and Training
  • E3141/E3141M – 18 Test Method for Ballistic Resistant Shields for Law Enforcement
  • E3142 – 18a Test Method for Thermal Lag of Thermal Analysis Apparatus
  • E3143 – 18b Practice for Performing Cryo-Transmission Electron Microscopy of Liposomes
  • E3144 – 19 Guide for Reporting the Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Nano-Objects
  • E3145 – 19 Test Method for User-Level Calibration of Dynamic Friction Tester (DF Tester)
  • E3146 – 20 Test Method for Determination of Carbonyls in Pyrolysis Bio-Oils by Potentiometric Titration
  • E3147 – 18 Practice for Evaluating DICONDE Interoperability of Nondestructive Testing and Inspection Systems
  • E3148 – 18 Guide for Postmortem Facial Image Capture
  • E3149 – 18 Guide for Facial Image Comparison Feature List for Morphological Analysis
  • E3150 – 18 Guide for Forensic Audio Laboratory Setup and Maintenance
  • E3151 – 18 Test Method for Determining Antimicrobial Activity and Biofilm Resistance Properties of Tube, Yarn, or Fiber Specimens
  • E3152 – 18 Guide for Standard Test Methods and Practices Available for Determining Antifungal Activity on Natural or Synthetic Substrates Treated with Antimicrobial Agents
  • E3155 – 19 Guide for Assessing Mammal Health at Chemically Contaminated Terrestrial Sites Using Rodent Sperm Analysis
  • E3157 – 20 Guide for Understanding and Using Information Related to Installation of Firestop Systems
  • E3158 – 18 Test Method for Measuring the Air Leakage Rate of a Large or Multizone Building
  • E3159 – 18 Guide for General Reliability
  • E3160 – 18 Test Method for Quantitative Evaluation of the Antibacterial Properties of Porous Antibacterial Treated Articles
  • E3161 – 18 Practice for Preparing a Pseudomonas aeruginosa or Staphylococcus aureus Biofilm using the CDC Biofilm Reactor
  • E3162 – 18 Practice Measuring the Durability of Antibacterial Agents Applied to Textiles under Simulated Home Laundering Conditions
  • E3163 – 18 Guide for Selection and Application of Analytical Methods and Procedures Used during Sediment Corrective Action
  • E3164 – 18 Guide for Sediment Corrective Action – Monitoring
  • E3165 – 18 Test Method for Nighttime Retroreflected Chromaticity of Retroreflective Sheeting
  • E3166 – 20e1 Guide for Nondestructive Examination of Metal Additively Manufactured Aerospace Parts After Build
  • E3167/E3167M – 18 Practice for Conventional Pulse-Echo Ultrasonic Testing of Polyethylene Electrofusion Joints
  • E3168 – 20a Practice for Determining Low-Contrast Visual Acuity of Radiographic Interpreters
  • E3169 – 18 Guide for Digital Imaging and Communication in Nondestructive Evaluation (DICONDE)
  • E3170/E3170M – 18 Practice for Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing of Polyethylene Electrofusion Joints
  • E3172 – 18 Guide for Reporting Production Information and Data for Nano-Objects
  • E3173 – 18 Guide for Decommissioning and Disposal of Medical Equipment
  • E3174 – 20 Practice for Determination of Kinetic Reaction Model Using Differential Scanning Calorimetry
  • E3176 – 20 Guide for Forensic Engineering Expert Reports
  • E3177 – 18 Guide on Sampling for Process Analytical Technology
  • E3178 – 18 Practice for Evaluating Static and Cidal Chemical Decontaminants against Bacillus Spores using Centrifugal Filtration Tubes
  • E3179 – 18 Test Method for Determining Antimicrobial Efficacy of Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation against Influenza Virus on Fabric Carriers with Simulated Soil
  • E3180 – 18 Test Method for Quantification of a Bacillus subtilis Biofilm Comprised of Vegetative Cells and Spores Grown Using the Colony Biofilm Model
  • E3181 – 20 Practice for Determination of the Converted Fraction of Starch and Cellulosic Content From a Fuel Ethanol Production Facility
  • E3182 – 20 Practice for Preparing an Occupant Exposure Screening Report (OESR) for Substances in Installed Building Products
  • E3183 – 19 Guide for Harvesting Coal Combustion Products Stored in Active and Inactive Storage Areas for Beneficial Use
  • E3186 – 19 Guide for Use and Testing of Dry-Block Temperature Calibrators
  • E3187/E3187M – 19 Specification for Less Lethal Aerosol Devices Used by Law Enforcement, Corrections, and Other Public Safety Officers
  • E3188 – 19 Terminology for Aircraft Braking Performance
  • E3189 – 19 Practice for Separation of Ignitable Liquid Residues from Fire Debris Samples by Static Headspace Concentration onto an Adsorbent Tube
  • E3190 – 19 Practice for Preparation of Fixed Radiological/Surrogate Contamination on Porous Test Coupon Surfaces for Evaluation of Decontamination Techniques
  • E3191 – 18 Specification for Permanent Foaming Fixatives Used to Mitigate Spread of Radioactive Contamination
  • E3192/E3192M – 20 Practice for Soft Armor Conditioning by Tumbling
  • E3193 – 20 Test Method for Measurement of Lead (Pb) in Dust by Wipe, Paint, and Soil by Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry (FAAS)
  • E3195 – 19 Guide for Body Armor Program Management
  • E3197 – 20 Terminology Relating to Examination of Fire Debris

Standar ASTM E3200-E3266

  • E3202 – 19e1 Practice for Specimen Preparation and Mounting of Plastic Composites for Use as Deck Boards, Stair Treads, Guards or Handrails to Assess Surface Burning Characteristics
  • E3203 – 19a Test Method for Determination of Lead in Dried Paint, Soil, and Wipe Samples by Inductively Coupled Plasma-Optical Emission Spectroscopy (ICP-OES)
  • E3205 – 20 Test Method for Small Punch Testing of Metallic Materials
  • E3206 – 19 Guide for Reporting the Physical and Chemical Characteristics of a Collection of Nano-Objects
  • E3208 – 20 Specification for Minimum Equipment Requirements for Mobile Surface Contaminant Classification and Measurement Equipment
  • E3209/E3209M – 20 Test Method for Pavement Thickness by Magnetic Pulse Induction
  • E3210 – 20 Practice for Infrastructure Management
  • E3212 – 19 Guide for Selection and Procurement of Protective Gloves Worn by Law Enforcement and Corrections
  • E3213 – 19 Practice for Part-to-Itself Examination Using Process Compensated Resonance Testing Via Swept Sine Input for Metallic and Non-Metallic Parts
  • E3214 – 19 Classification for Industrial Microorganisms
  • E3215 – 19a Practice for Certification of Less Lethal Aerosol Devices Used by Law Enforcement, Corrections, and Other Public Safety Officers
  • E3218 – 19 Test Method for Quantitative Method for Testing Antimicrobial Agents against Spores of C. difficile on Hard, Nonporous Surfaces
  • E3219 – 20 Guide for Derivation of Health-Based Exposure Limits (HBELs)
  • E3220 – 20 Guide for Characterization of Graphene Flakes
  • E3221 – 19 Guide for Motorized Equipment
  • E3222 – 20a Classification for Determination of High-frequency Impact Sound Ratings
  • E3223/E3223M – 20 Guide for Specifying and Testing Field-Constructed Exterior Building Wall System Mockups in New Construction
  • E3224 – 19 Guide for Building Energy Performance and Improvement Evaluation in the Assessment of Property Condition
  • E3225 – 20 Practice for Performing a Liquid Test of Spill Prevention Equipment and Containment Sumps Used for Interstitial Monitoring of Piping by Visual Examination
  • E3226 – 19 Test Method for Processing Cellulose Sponge-wipes to Detect Bacillus anthracis Spores Sampled from Environmental Surfaces
  • E3228 – 19 Guide for Environmental Knowledge Management
  • E3230 – 20 Practice for Extraction of Particulate Matter from the Surfaces of Single-Use Components and Assemblies Designed for Use in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • E3231 – 19 Guide for Cell Culture Growth Assessment of Single-Use Material
  • E3233 – 20 Practice for Forensic Tape Analysis Training Program
  • E3234 – 20 Practice for Forensic Paint Analysis Training Program
  • E3236/E3236M – 20 Specification for Ballistic-resistant Barriers Used in Homeland Security or Public Safety Applications
  • E3237 – 19 Specification for Undenatured Ethanol from Biomass for Use in Industrial Applications
  • E3238 – 20 Test Method for Quantitative Measurement of the Chemoattractant Capacity of a Nanoparticulate Material in vitro
  • E3240 – 20 Guide for Risk-Based Corrective Action for Contaminated Sediment Sites
  • E3241 – 20 Guide for Coordination and Cooperation between Facilities, Local Emergency Planning Committees, and Emergency Responders
  • E3242 – 20 Guide for Determination of Representative Sediment Background Concentrations
  • E3244 – 20 Practice for Integrity Assurance and Testing of Single-Use Systems
  • E3245 – 20e1 Guide for Systematic Approach to the Extraction, Analysis, and Classification of Ignitable Liquids and Ignitable Liquid Residues in Fire Debris Samples
  • E3247 – 20 Test Method for Measuring the Size of Nanoparticles in Aqueous Media Using Dynamic Light Scattering
  • E3248 – 20 Guide for NAPL Mobility and Migration in Sediment – Conceptual Models for Emplacement and Advection
  • E3251 – 20 Test Method for Microbial Ingress Testing on Single-Use Systems
  • E3255 – 21 Practice for Quality Assurance of Forensic Science Service Providers Performing Forensic Chemical Analysis
  • E3256 – 20 Practice for Reference Scenarios When Evaluating the Relative Sustainability of Bioproducts
  • E3263 – 20 Practice for Qualification of Visual Inspection of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Equipment and Medical Devices for Residues
  • E3265 – 20 Guide for Evaluating Water-Miscible Metalworking Fluid Foaming Tendency
  • E3266 – 20 Guide for Friction-Limited Aircraft Braking Measurements and Reporting

Standar ASTM seri F hingga G

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